Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Proof of Delivery (POD)?
Call head office on 08 9259 7500, and we will email one through.
Can I have a price of a Connote?
Yes, just call head office on 08 9259 7500.
Do you transport cars?
Yes we move cars, bikes, boats and caravans.
Can I have anything inside the vehicle?
Yes – at your own risk! We do not take responsibility for any contents.
Is my vehicle insured?
No. Please contact your insurer to enquire about Marine Transit Insurance.
How long before my freight arrives?
With our express services, you can expect your freight to arrive just 2-3 days after leaving Perth, under normal circumstances.
Where at the yard do I go to drop off freight?
All depots are clearly marked with receival areas.
Which days do you transport to Karrratha, Broome, Port Hedland or Derby?

Please refer to our Departure Schedule.

What time can I pick-up or drop-off my freight?

Please check the opening hours for each of our depots.

Do you move private freight as I do not have an account?
Yes, Depot to Depot only and payment is required prior to transport or upon receival at the destination Depot.
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